Calthorpe Project

Space Works conducted a Space Audit for The Calthorpe Project, a charity in the heart of Kings Cross in London, who wanted to evaluate how to best use their land and buildings in terms of community needs and revenue-building capacity. The Calthorpe Project space is a vibrant and varied patchwork of working gardens and greenery, play spaces (including a mini football pitch), classrooms, and workspaces used by communities ranging from an under-5 playgroup to lunchtime football leagues.

Our Space Audit service helps organisations understand how their space is being used, and how it can become a better tool for achieving their organisational goals. The Calthorpe Space Audit employed space utilisation behaviour mapping, quantitative surveys, and stakeholder interviews to advise on four issues: office usability, revenue-generating space, circulation and usage levels throughout the space, and storage strategy.

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