Transport for London

Behavioral-science-based strategy to improve pedestrian safety through street design for TfL

Rehabilitative Prison Design

An Innovate UK -funded research project, advising the Ministry of Justice on how to design more rehabilitative prisons

Impact HUB King’s Cross

Evidence-based design strategy to enhance the agile-working and communal functions of the flagship co-working HUB.

Huckletree Co-Working Space

A Behaviour Strategy and Design Review to develop the concept and management of a new co-working space in London.

Tomorrow’s Home: Social Trends Report

A Social Research Report for a leading architecture firm on how changing social trends in England and Wales will affect the future of the built environment.

Transit-Oriented Development

A Feasibility Study identifying barriers to change for transit-oriented development (TOD) in the city of Berkeley, California.

Calthorpe Project

A Space Audit to evaluate space and land use for community needs and revenue-building capacity.