Training & CPDs

Space Works Consulting provides training courses and CPD sessions for architects and designers, human resources and facilities managers, and other built environment professionals. Courses vary in from one-hour, in-house lunchtime CPD sessions to full-day training courses in a professional venue.

Past training clients include Transport for London, Osmond Ergonomics, and architecture firms such as Cullinan StudioAHMM, and JTP. Our strong track record of knowledge-sharing activities has included speaking engagements at RIBA, Clerkenwell Design Week, Johnson Controls Intelligent Workplace Seminar, May Design Series, and the Construction Industry Council.  Core topics include:

CollaborateWorkspace Well-Being
In 2014 we delivered the UK’s first Workspace Well-Being course in partnership with International Workplace, training participants specifically in how to promote individual and organizational well-being through workspace design and management. The day-length training consists of three modules, which can be compressed or offered independently:

  • Introduction to Well-Being: Factors supporting workspace well-being and using it to add value.
  • Promoting Positive Change: Major behavior change strategies and how to apply them at work.
  • Design & Management: How to design for greater well-being across different workspaces, workforces, and strategies such as activity-based working, hot-desking, and standing desks.


Homework mapBuilding for the Next Generation: Homes, Cities, and Workspaces
This module analyses emerging social trends in the UK, forecasts how these will impact the built environment, and presents practical implications for how architects, developers, and planners can provide for the needs of the next generation: Millennials. Eighteen to 34 year-olds are driving less, working more independently, and embracing the sharing economy, all of which will reshape our built environment. Sessions can be catered to focus specifically on subtopics such as housing, workspaces, cities, transport, and social interaction, or cover the combined impact of these factors covered in our recent research, Tomorrow’s Home.


Berkeley MapEvidence-Based Design: Intro to Environmental Psychology
This session covers the evidence-based approach to design, and how research can be used to practically improve projects. We introduce basic environmental psychology principles and discuss the collaboration process between designers and researchers, informed by our work leading the User-Centred Design for the Built Environment working group of the Feeling Good Foundation. We then take an in-depth look at case studies of how environmental psychology research has been used to improve the design and function of public space—including screening part of the Open to the Public? documentary—housing, master planning, and co-working spaces.

All modules can be catered to meet your learning needs and time constraints. We take an interactive approach encouraging attendees to work together with us to think creatively about how human factors insights can improve the design of the built environment.

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